Redeemed Calvary Church

Redeemed Calvary Church was founded in 2022 by our Senior Pastor Robert Stallard. Our church was founded on the Word of God. We believe in furthering God’s kingdom by providing free resources that may not have been available otherwise. Some countries and many parts of the world, Christians may not have accessible means to attend church or may not be able attend regular worship due to being house bound, political opposition or obligations such as work.

Our online Church also offers a means to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ on the go and supports outreach ministries such as Street Ministries that helps give the homeless a chance to have a means of finding God’s love and a place of worship, through the use of the internet. Our goal is not to take away from the traditional church setting but to complement it. We encourage others to find a local church for fellowship.

We believe in fulfilling the Great Commission found in Matthew 28: 16-20. As we strive to serve God as a body of believers, we believe people will see Christ within us. We are not a work based church. No one can work our way into heaven but only through Grace of God alone. We believe that good works is a by-product of our faith in Christ.