Soul Centers are places where people are connected to Christian Ministry.  Soul Centers are Christian church-religious societies of different sizes and purposes.

Soul Centers include traditional religious gatherings like local churches but include fellowships, ministries, and ministry practices.

Soul Centers are religious societies registered with the Christian Leaders Alliance (denomination). Soul Centers are registered by credentialed officiants and ministers of the Christian Leaders Alliance, found in the Christian Leaders Minister Directory.

Soul centers are Christian religious societies serving local communities or relational circles of influence. The leaders of the soul centers agree to a Christian Leaders Alliance Statement of faith. They also agree to abide by the expectations of the Soul Center Handbook.

Types of Soul Centers

The different types of Soul Centers reflect our credentialed ministers’ gifts, training, and calling. These leaders are encouraged to register their local religious society (church). Each kind of registered Soul Center is affiliated with the Christian Leaders Alliance as a manifestation of a Christian church community.

Fellowships – Fellowships led by a credentialed minister of the Christian Leaders Alliance are typically smaller ministries. These smaller ministries are led by volunteer ministers called by the Lord to minister to people within their circles of influence. Jesus said that where two or three are gathered in His name, He is there (Matthew 18:20). Fellowship Soul Centers encompass a broad spectrum of Christian activity, from Bible studies to prayer groups, from evangelism to serving the homeless, from chaplain ministry to local first-responders, and to conducting a wedding for a friend or family member.

A Fellowship Soul Center could also be a perfect place for a Licensed Christian Wedding Officiant to offer that service.  

Ministry Practices –  A ministry practice might be a Coaching Minister Practice, Prayer Practice, Visitation Practice, Matchmaker Ministry, or MinistryBiz. These can be located at a local church, home, or storefront. Some of these practices may be led by volunteer credentialed ministers, others by part-time ministers. A MinistryBiz is another example of a ministry practice Soul Center.

Churches and House Churches – Local churches or house churches that meet regularly for worship services and support of home discipleship practices are traditional Soul Centers. A local church or a house church qualifies as a CLA Church Soul Center if a credentialed Christian Leaders Alliance member initiates the Soul Center registration and the local church leadership agrees to the arrangement.

Ministries or MinistryBiz Organizational –  These soul centers are local or web-based ministries that serve communities and support a reproducible walk with God. Credentialed ministers of the Christian Leaders Alliance may start a ministry that identifies as a Ministry Soul Center.

Education or Mentor Centers – A Multiplying Mentor Center Soul Center helps raise up more Christian leaders in their community. Credentialed CLA ministers can open a mentor center and register as a Mentor Center Soul Center.

Multi-Purpose Ministries – These are ministries with a diverse reach, typically with a core focus, but also actively involved in other areas of ministry. This can include any ministry which also offers services in a number of areas such as outreaches, feeding schemes, ministry practices, ministry biz, street ministry, evangelism, special needs, counselling, mentorship, etc.

Minister Mobilization Centers – These are ministries that focus on raising revival through the multiplication and mobilization of Christian leaders. MMCs aim to serve grassroots Christian leaders and ministries seeking to revitalize Christianity locally and globally. Therefore, this aim will be done through identifying, training, and credentialing more Christian leaders to serve in churches, ministries, and other expressions of Christian service through all the resources of Christian Leaders. Click Here for more information on the MMC’s

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