Associated House Churches of Adhengo Boaz Ministries

We are a Bible-believing congregation that is reaching out to our community with the love of Christ; offering regular activities for families, singles, and anyone who is seeking to make a personal difference in the lives of others. As missionaries, we work with all agencies to wipe out depravity and decay in our community; we desire to make Buruburu the best community in Nairobi.

As the light of the world we engage in productive publishing programs and any other means available to show people how to live and love life as God has given life. Our daily prayer is that God would shine our faces and illuminate our eyes; sanctify our shallows and electrify our touch; fill our heads with wisdom and fill our hearts with love; set our tongues on fire that we might go out and bring the outs in; until every man knows that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God another yet none other than God Himself.

The Glad Coach

The Glad Coach is led by a credentialed ordained minister, Gladys Kibui
She is a practicing counselor and coach. She ministers healing of heart wounds with Bible Society of Kenya.
Ministry Offerings
• Prayer
• Trainings
• Healing groups
• Mini healing sessions
• Personal Counseling
• Group Coaching

About Gladys
After experiencing a series of grief in the family, I found healing with study of Counseling Psychology at Daystar University in Kenya. I continued to help as a volunteer with Women Enterprise Fund, a semi-autonomous government institution which helps women access credit for their businesses. I realized that many of their financial problems were a symptom of spiritual issues. In 2018, I was introduced to Trauma Healing program. This program fuses Bible principles with mental health principles to bring healing of the hearts. I joined the program and I have continued to minister healing to many.

In 2020, I facilitated healing from the distress of COVID to members of the Christian Leaders Alliance with the invitation of my mentor Brian De Cook. Thank you Brother Brian!

My calling to The Glad Coach Ministries Soul Center
Having found joy in the Lord through all the suffering I have undergone, I answered the call to help those who are where I was through listening to them so that they can trust God in all seasons of their lives.
Psalm 147:3 He heals the broken hearted and bandages their wounds.

Who I serve
I serve adults and children who have experienced painful things such as loss of loved ones, chronic illnesses, addictions, rape, domestic abuse, suicide, abortion and moral injury. I also help caregivers who may have experienced secondary trauma or are overwhelmed from helping too many people and for long periods.
Souls involved

I have facilitated over 200 souls with mini healing and healing group sessions in 2022 alone. I hope to reach more in 2023 with the referral of those I have ministered to this year.