Deeper Life Fellowship

Our mission is to help build faith that looks to The Lord Jesus Christ for guidance, The Holy Spirit’s leadership in daily living and reverence to God The Father looking forward to the hope of Jesus’s coming.

Our Coming to Christ and Calling to Ministry:

In 2011 during a house group meeting I felt that the Lord was leading me to start a fellowship online and we named it Deeper Dimension and left it at that. We continued to run home groups and serving in our local ministry.  We faced various trials and even our marriage was tested but God is faithful, He strengthened us and established us in a new city called Milton Keynes .

Our calling to Deeper Life fellowship UK

Just over a year ago God reignited our passion for the online ministry he had made us set up in 2011. We had 3 members but since last year the fellowship has grown to over 300 committed members. At the point I decided to undergo training at Christian Leaders Alliance and was ordained in September 2023

Who we serve 

We serve and fellowship online with friends and any person who has a passion for the word of God. We offer online teaching and prayer and have now maintained a regular audience which continues to grow by the day.

Vision Statement

For everyone we fellowship with to encounter Jesus Christ personally thereby transforming lives to reflect the values of the Kingdom of God

The Mission

What is the fellowship called to do?

To help build up faith that looks to The Lord Jesus Christ for guidance and The Holy Spirit leadership in daily living and reverence to God The Father looking forward to His coming.

Mission Statement

For every one that turns to the Lord to be completely transformed, live according to the Word of God discover their gifts/ purpose in life and begin to impact on their family, the community and society

The Four Vital Experiences

  • Worship: A ministry that celebrates the glory of God
  • Fellowship: A ministry where no one stands alone
  • Teaching: A ministry that teaches the knowledge and application of God’s Word
  • Outreach: A ministry that spreads the Good News of Christ in word and deed

More details are on our website:

Faith, Hope & Love Ministries (FHLM)

Faith, Hope & Love Ministries (FHLM): Empowering Ministers Worldwide

Welcome to Faith, Hope & Love Ministries (FHLM), a Minister Mobilization Center and Multi-Purpose Ministry based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Our passion is to empower Christian students and ministers worldwide by providing comprehensive support, valuable resources, and a nurturing community. Inspired by the profound biblical passage on faith, hope, and love, we firmly believe that love is the greatest virtue. At FHLM, we strive to cultivate a vibrant and empowering environment deeply rooted in these timeless principles.

A Foundation of Faith, Hope, and Love:
FHLM embraces the profound significance of faith, hope, and love as highlighted in the Bible. Just as the Apostle Paul expressed in 1 Corinthians 13:13 (NIV), “And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.” These pillars shape our ministry, providing a firm foundation for Christian students and ministers to grow, thrive, and positively impact their communities.

Minister Mobilization Center:
FHLM serves as a dynamic Minister Mobilization Center, dedicated to equipping and mobilizing ministers of all backgrounds and experience levels for effective ministry. We recognize the pivotal role ministers play in sharing the transformative message of God’s love and shaping lives. Through personalized support, practical advice, and mentorship, we empower Christian students and ministers with the necessary tools to excel in their unique callings.

Comprehensive Support and Resources:
At FHLM, we provide comprehensive support and resources to foster the growth and success of Christian students and ministers. Our areas of focus include:

1. Websites and Social Media:
We understand the significance of a compelling online presence in today’s digital age. FHLM offers expert guidance in website development, social media strategies, and digital marketing techniques. Our aim is to help ministers effectively connect with their target audience, amplifying their message of faith, hope, and love to a broader reach.

2. Practical Advice and Mentoring:
Drawing upon our extensive experience of over 25 years in senior management and biblical training through Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) and Christian Leaders College (CLC), we provide personalized advice and mentoring. We offer insights and strategies for effective leadership, discipleship, pastoral care, and ministry development. Our goal is to empower ministers to navigate challenges, make informed decisions, and thrive in their ministries.

3. Christian Leaders Institute:
FHLM actively promotes the invaluable educational programs offered by Christian Leaders Institute. CLI provides free, accessible, and high-quality biblical training and leadership development for ministers worldwide. We encourage our community to seize the opportunity to deepen their biblical understanding, enhance their leadership skills, and nurture their spiritual growth through CLI’s exceptional programs.

4. Global Networking and Collaboration:
FHLM serves as a platform for global networking and collaboration among ministers. We foster connections, cultivate a supportive community, and facilitate the exchange of ideas and resources. By bringing ministers together, we promote unity, synergy, and collective impact in advancing God’s kingdom on earth.

Embracing the Greatest Virtue: Love:
Love lies at the heart of FHLM. Guided by the biblical teachings, we strive to embody and promote unconditional love in all facets of our ministry. We believe that love has the transformative power to heal wounds, reconcile relationships, and bring about lasting change. It is the core value upon which we build our ministry, inspire our community, and endeavor to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Join Faith, Hope & Love Ministries:
If you are a minister, a student of Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) or Christian Leaders College (CLC), or an individual aspiring to become a minister, we warmly invite you to join the FHLM community. Experience the comprehensive support, valuable resources, and nurturing environment that will empower you on your journey. Together, let us embrace the greatest virtue of love, make a lasting impact, and spread the transformative message of God’s love to the ends of the earth.

In conclusion, Faith, Hope & Love Ministries (FHLM) is committed to empowering ministers worldwide through comprehensive support, valuable resources, and a vibrant community rooted in faith, hope, and love. As a Minister Mobilization Center, we equip ministers with the necessary tools to excel in their callings and make a positive impact. Join us on this transformative journey as we embrace the greatest virtue, love, and empower ministers worldwide to ignite a revival that reverberates throughout the globe. Through our Minister Mobilization Center, we equip ministers with the necessary tools to excel in their calling.

Join us as we embrace the greatest virtue, love, and make a lasting impact in the world, one minister at a time.