Family Light House Church Network

Family Light House Church Network of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, is led by Harley Adue and his wife, Success. The name ‘Family Light‘ means ‘a righteous family’. The name is so-given because Harley dreamt when he put on a blue suit teaching or preaching behind a pulpit among assembled believers. Blue has to do with something that is Holy (Exodus 39:22). In the  New Testament, light also means righteousness (Ephesians 5:8-9) or holiness.  Therefor the name Family Light could also mean those who are walking (righteously) with God. Harley is the under shepherd in charge of the sheep in Family Light House Church Network, a Soul Centre registered with Christian Leaders Alliance. This soul Center has started in Harley’s apartment, which in the next 10 years should become the parent of a Network of house churches if God wills.  Family Light House Church has a God-given vision: ‘To plant and parent a healthy Church in the homes of every village, city, and nation’ (Acts 13:47); with a mission ‘To call the unsafe into the family of Jehovah, and help the hopeless; heal the sick; and lead the blind’ (Matt.11:5; 5:3-5).


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