– Global Church planting
– Evangelism training, empowerment & support for newly beginning churches
– Equipping saints for ministry; mentee ministerial training
– Prayer; weekly community faith & prayer school, annual house of prayer discipleship camp
– Bible study & pulpit preaching and teaching
– Pre-marital counseling and officiation
– Fellowships; Church, youth, families, children’s church
– Conferences; Holy Spirit conference and Kingdom Establishment conference
– Primary, high School and community liberation of the next generation evangelism
– Success leadership counseling, coaching, mentoring & prayer for full-time ministers, students, educators and Christian professionals in different platforms
– Annual rehabilitation retreat center
– Community humanitarian projects; children’s development center & orphanage homes, elderly care homes, community basic needs volunteer & provision, education empowerment, prayer & medical missions, full-time minister’s empowerment.

– Life Changing Bible and Ministry University operating as a Mentor center for CLI
– Offering Free Bible, Ministry & Christian business management and entrepreneurship
– We offer free Mentoring & ordination of ministers
– Annual Success leadership conference
– We are given an educational mandate for private primary and High Schools and technical college.

• We offer this through Global Christian Community Development Ministry and offering the following ministries;
– Glory of the latter house unity program
– International Church unity conference
– Healing of the nations prayer altar
– Healing School
– Prayer & medical missions center
– Clergy forum
– Business forum
– Annual Messianic Evangelism Explosion conference

We are Patrick and Zamanhlane Phakathi, married since 2010. We have two biological children and two adopted. We are both graduates from the University of Eswatini. We are also graduates from different correspondence theological schools. We both resigned from our permanent government high School teaching employment in response to God’s call to serve as fulltime senior pastors at Life Changing International Church and president for other church linked ministries; Life Changing Bible and Ministry University and Global Christian community development. Patrick is a mentor center volunteer for Christian Leaders Institute enrolling students from different nations and a continuing student.

We both started walking with God from our youthful stage in High School. We have been serving the Lord in our different churches even before we met and married in 2010. Patrick started and served as a youth and worship Pastor under the mentorship of his local pastor. Zamanhlane served the Lord in worship and in ushering ministries under the mentorship of her local pastor. The Lord revealed the calling into ministry before starting to serve as a youth pastor and upon sharing the call to Tema during our varsity days the Lord just knitted us into the calling. After marriage, we started the church as God instructed and we continued to grow through observational learning from our mentor, teachings from our spiritual parent, listening from ministers around the world as well as enrolling to study in theological schools including Christian Leaders Institute. We are both committed in spiritual growth plan and serving the Lord together. Glory to Jesus Christ! The passion that binds us together in ministry is, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10 TLV)

Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but the purpose of the Lord prevails (Proverbs 19: 21). The Lord Jesus Christ spoke to me (Patrick) during my youth and said, “I do not want you to take the responsibility to be a local Pastor in this church (my local church, back then as a young person), but I want you to grow so that you start a church for me in 2010. Until 2010, you have to serve me under the mentoring of the local pastor”. I conveyed this message to my local pastor and by the grace of God she believed it and gave me an opportunity to serve as youth pastor under her mentoring. When I shared this calling to Tema she received it with joy and believed it. We started the Life Changing church in 2010 while we both worked as permanent high School teachers. The Lord instructed to be fulltime into ministry. In 2021, my wife got a transfer to teach in a school close to our home and she stayed alone while I stayed with the kids. She came to me and said the Lord has spoken to her that in the year 2022 she must resign with me and we both venture into the full-time ministry. Glory to Jesus Christ, we are now doing the perfect will of God by serving in this soul center!

We serve the Life Changing International Church members, Life Changing Bible and Ministry university students, Christian leaders Institute students, students in community Schools, ministers and believers around the world through our online daily morning devotion and weekly healing School.

We have been given passion to equip the saints for personal spiritual growth and discovering their ministries to serve God. Patrick enjoys developing training modules more mainly in leadership and ministry. He also enjoys supervising research projects for students and has developed a ministry research program based on the inspiration of Luke 1:1-4. Patrick is into the apostolic and prophetic leadership and full-time church development. Patrick enjoys seeing the saints formally trained and encouraged to grow to serve the Lord with sincere maturity and competence. Zamanhlane is into the prophetic intercession and enjoys encouraging and coaching the saints on prayer and intercession which has led her to discover the call to lead an annual rehabilitation retreat center.

We minister through our weekly preaching, teaching and prayer fellowships; Community Faith and Prayer School, Kingdom diplomatic Sunday fellowships, annual conferences, crusades and seminars. We reach out to other nations through our WhatsApp ministries; daily morning devotion and weekly healing School. Moreover, we reach out to many through Life Changing Bible and Ministry University through which we serve many as CLI mentor center to reproduce more Christian leaders. We also minister to Primary and High School students weekly wining them to Christ, restoring hope and training them in success leadership.