Christian Discipleship Mentor Centre, Colombo

I am Devseth Fernando, 64, former CEO of a Public Corporation in Sri Lanka. Starting my career as an Engineer and held various positions during my continuous service for 37 years. I have been living a Christian family life with my wife for 31 years; both my daughter and son reside abroad. Furthermore, I have been preaching as a Local Preacher of the Methodist Church for 25 years and have conducted discipleship programs for various Christian groups. As a Credentialed Minister of CLA, I applied to register a soul center for mentoring & training persons for Christian Discipleship.

My walk with God:
I am from a Christian family, and my father was a government teacher and a Local Preacher of the Methodist Church. However, at 26, I had a near-death experience, and I survived by God's grace. That made me
focus on the Ministry of God. After seven years, in 1991, the Holy Spirit inspired me for His service. 1998 I started my ministerial work as an Accredited Local Preacher of the Methodist Church Sri Lanka. In 2009, I
extended my Bi-vocational Ministerial services to Shalom Prayer Family as a Preacher and a Mentor. Later in 2022, I completed the Bachelor of Divinity degree at Christian Leaders College, USA, and became an ordained Minister of the Word in Christian Leaders Association, USA.

My Dreams of a Soul Center:
I dream of introducing a training & mentor center inviting those interested in following Christian discipleship training. As there are a lot of free online discipleship training programs, we at the soul center are ready to mentor prospective students and assist them in undergoing such courses individually. However, we observed that those who have started such studies based on self-studying have encountered various issues. Hence, we realized the importance of establishing a mentor center to assist such students in continuing their studies without interruption. Initially, we encourage them to follow courses in English, and later we could offer such online CD courses in their native languages where there is a massive demand for CD courses. We believe with the help of the Holy Spirit; we would be able to fulfill the need of disciples of the country at least to a significant level.