The Highest Vision For The Glory of God

The Highest Vision for the glory of God, Haiti, is led by Fiteau Jardinier, an accredited minister of the word by Christian Leaders Alliance – works in the field of God full time for the propagation of the word of God, bringing back to God the lost sheep for the glory of His name.

My walk with God

I am Fiteau Jardinier, I am from the Jacmel valley , southeast Haiti. From a Protestant family where I received quite a bit of spiritual education, I have been a collaborator of the Ruhi and Blackwell Institute since 2014-2020, in promoting community change through children and pre-youth, I was a child class teacher, pre-youth group facilitator, study circle coordinator and tutor. I was the regional youth chairperson of the mission of my church, now I am in Port-au-Prince serving as a ministerial collaborator in the CHURCH OF GOD MISSIONARY OF HAITI located in the community of Delmas.

My ministerial call

I walked with God despite I had not had the chance to know his plan for my life and the purpose of my existence, in 2020, I was forced to leave my family comfortable to take refuge in Port-au-Prince where I had to continue my university studies, I did not even have in mind one day the vision of becoming a minister of God, I had come to study medicine, all the possibilities I had to ensure my education seemed blocked to me ,and I had the obligation to better seek God in order to know the cause of this, and God told me that he does not have a plan for me to be a doctor but a fisherman of soul, I was really amazed and also happy to know God’s plan for my life, and there I began to study theology from which I will soon graduate.

My calling to this Soul Center

It is true I was receiving ministerial training, I knew what God wants from me, but I did not know how to start, because everything seemed dark to me, I spent all my time praying and seeking the face of God, I can’t really explain how I met Christian Leaders Institute, quite simply I saw myself on the platform following the requested steps, and there I began to find my joy, but I did not know what was coming. I began to complete the courses with extreme motivation and felt more comfortable in my ministerial calling.

After completing The Wedding Officiant Class , in the feedback bar I was asked to complete the Registration Soul Center Class .

But given my experience at the Ruhi and Blackwell Institute in community consultations, in research on children and pre-youth, I was examining the effectiveness of this means, and I wanted to use this process for the start of my ministry.

Who are my services for?

My services are intended for all those whom I have the chance to meet on my path, especially those who do not yet know God, I am committed to the quest for lost sheep for God throughout the region, to pray, to adore, to do teaching poetry, Bible study etc. I support young people who do not know what their tomorrow will bring, especially in a country like Haiti, families in conflict to find their understanding, preach and support parental responsibility then maintaining a Christian atmosphere through families.

Evolution fields

I evolve in worship, prayer, preaching, meditation, Bible study, family members, young people, pre-young people, children , accompanying young people and those who live in cohabitation at making a decision to enter into the bond of marriage according to God’s plan, pre -marriage counseling, inviting those who do not yet know God to join the Christian family.

Ministerial Offerings

  • Prayer
  • Worship / Praise
  • Preaching
  • Meditation
  • Bible study
  • Assistance and wedding ceremony
  • Conflict management
  • Invitation from house to house and through the streets for the construction of a great Christian family.
  • Assistance to families in maintaining a Christian atmosphere.
  • Juvenile Assistance

And other religious activities in order to make many more people hear the word of God.