Ancient Future Faith Church Ministries of Las Vegas, Nevada

Ancient Future Faith Church Ministries is led by Ordained Credentialed Minister Chaplain Mark Warden. Mark currently works with his wife Rhodwina as a personal chef. He also currently is working as a volunteer chaplain at Sunrise Hospital and Children’s Hospital which is the largest Hospital in Las Vegas and the second-largest hospital in the state of Nevada.

Ministerial Offerings
-Officiant Services
-House Blessings
-Marriage Ministry
-Home Visits
-Homeless Ministry
-Online Preaching and Teaching

Mark has been married to Rhodwina since 1988. They have two children and two grandchildren. Mark graduated from U C Irvine in 1986 and is currently working on his Clinical Pastoral Education units (CPE) at Sunrise Hospital and is currently enrolled at Kairos University studying for his M. Div. Mark was ordained in 2022. Currently, Mark is a Volunteer chaplain at Sunrise Hospital, here in Las Vegas Nevada, and helps out at Saint Barnabas The Apostle Catholic Church which is part of the Old Catholic Communion Of North America. Mark also is a licensed wedding officiant for the State of Nevada.

I grew up in the Episcopal Church and have always served in ministry as a layperson in the church throughout my walk. But it wasn’t until I came across Christian Leaders Institute and Alliance that I was able to get the ministry training I needed and to be ordained that I am now moving forward in Chaplaincy Ministry. The clergy at Saint Barnabas have also been very supportive. Currently, they have commissioned me as a Eucharistic Minister and also as an Alter Server which is the first step in being ordained as a Deacon and Priest.

I am thankful that the Christian Leaders Alliance has called and equipped me to minister at this fellowship soul center.

I minister to all I can here in Las Vegas. As a Chaplain at Sunrise Hospital, I minister to the patients and staff there. I also minister to the homeless in the community and to folks who are alone in their home and can’t for whatever reason get out.

Souls Involved: 1000+
Through Chaplaincy, I minister by being there for patients and staff through some of their darkest times and some of their most joyous.