Minister Mobilization Centers (MMCs)

Minister Mobilization Centers are ministries that focus on raising revival through the multiplication and mobilization of Christian leaders.

Minister Mobilization Centers(MMC) are registered Soul Centers of the Christian Leaders Alliance headquartered downtown Grand Rapids. Further, each Minister Mobilization Center is a registered soul center. Click here to link to the Grand Rapids, Global Hub

MMCs aim to serve grassroots Christian leaders and ministries seeking to revitalize Christianity locally and globally. Therefore, this aim will be done through identifying, training, and credentialing more Christian leaders to serve in churches, ministries, and other expressions of Christian service through all the resources of Christian Leaders, including:

Minister Mobilization Center Strategy

  • Partner with local churches and ministries. Christian Leaders Institute is available to provide training and resources to MMC leaders. This training is designed to equip people with the skills and knowledge they need to be influential leaders and ministers in their churches and communities.
  • Offer minister credentialing programs. These minister credentialing programs are available at the Christian Leaders Institute and lead to minister credentials through the Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA). These programs are designed to help people called to ministry become licensed or ordained bi-vocational or vocational ministers.
  • Promote ecuministry ordination. This ecuministry ordination is offered through Christian Leaders. Ministers ordained through Christian Leaders Alliance (CLA) can hold dual credentials. The minister can be licensed or ordained with CLA and also serve locally as a church member in an existing denomination or church.


  • Open a downtown Grand Rapids location as an administrative hub. MMC will staff the Grand Rapids location, which also serves as a sister location and studio for Christian Leaders Institute. The staff will be responsible for developing and delivering the training programs. Further, they will promote the programs and build relationships with local churches and ministries.
  • Market the programs. MMC will need to market the programs to potential participants. Therefore, this marketing will occur through various channels, including online advertising, social media, and word-of-mouth.
  • Track results. MMC will track the programs’ results to ensure they meet their goals. This tracking will occur by collecting data on the number of participants, the number of people trained, and the number of people ordained.


  • Evaluate the programs. MMC will evaluate the programs to determine their effectiveness. Therefore, MMC will collect data on the participant’s satisfaction with the programs, their knowledge and skills, and their impact on their churches and communities.
  • Adjustments will occur as needed. MMC will adjust the programs based on the evaluation results. These may include changes to the content of the programs, the delivery methods, as well as the marketing strategies.

Minister Mobilization Centers believe that this strategy and plan have the potential to bring about a great spiritual awakening locally and globally.