Affiliate with Soul Centers

Are you interested in the Soul Centers Program, where credentialed ministers can register their ministries as a religious society through the Christian Leaders Alliance?

Are you called to ministry and seeking to start a local Christian religious society? Perhaps you are interested in affiliating with the Christian Leaders Alliance?

The Christian Leaders Alliance credentials ministers through tuition-free ministry training with the Christian Leaders Institute. Five clergy roles are qualifying credentials with Soul Centers. In addition, you must complete all the ministry training courses that meet the role requirements.

Qualifying Minister Credentials

The Christian Leaders Alliance features five core programs depending on your calling to ministry. In addition, each minister classification has a different program of study.

Christian Wedding Officiant – The Wedding Officiant program is the entry program at Christian Leaders Alliance. The core credential for the program is the Christian Wedding Officiant. One study course and one recommendation are needed for this credential. This program is both a core and a specialization role in itself. It is considered an entry minister credential into the Christian Leaders Alliance. Many who receive these credentials continue with further studies.

This credential allows you to confidently and legally officiate weddings throughout the United States and many places worldwide.

Field Ministers – The Field Minister program has been traditionally thought of as a lay minister category training. This program incorporates primarily mini-courses that take less time to complete. After you complete this core minister program, you are invited to study any specialization.

Coaching Ministers -The Life Coach Minister program is designed for those who seek to practice coaching as credentialed ministers. You need to submit two local endorsements for this ministry program. Coaching ministry or life coach ministering is perfect for those who have a coaching practice or serve in a church as coaching ministers. After you complete this core minister program, you are invited to study any specialization.

Licensed Ministers – The Licensed Minister program is designed primarily for volunteer or part-time ministers. These ministers often have another means for their support. You will need two local endorsements for this minister program. After you complete this core minister program, you can study any specialization.

Ordained Ministers – The Ordained Minister program is designed for those interested in deepening their ministry preparedness. This program is more suited to those seeking full-time minister positions. There are three recommendations required in all ordination programs. After you complete this core minister program, you are invited to study any specialization.

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Steps to Affiliate with the Soul Centers Program

This is a challenging process because the Christian Leaders Alliance seeks to present called, confident, and qualified ministers with appropriate training.

Step One:

Fill out and submit the sign-up form. Save or record the email address you used and your password. The email you used will be your login username. You will need your email address and password to log back in. You may receive an email confirmation.

Step Two:

You will be prompted to select the “Click here to Get Started” button. This link will take you to the Christian Leaders Learning login page. Use your email and password to log in. If you lost the Christian Leaders Learning login link, click here.

Step Three:

You will be enrolled in a Getting Started Class based on the interest you submitted in the sign-up form. This course will introduce you to the many opportunities available, including minister credentials.

Step Four:

After completing this Getting Started Course, you can select one of the 70+ minister credential programs that best fit your ministry calling and meet the program requirements.

Step Five:

After you complete your minister program requirements, you will be posted in the Minister Directory. Then, you can also order your recognition package and schedule your commissioning.

Step Six:

You will then be able to enroll in a class that allows you to register for your Soul Center. Only credentialed ministers of the Christian Leaders Alliance are permitted to affiliate through this souls center program at this website.

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