Affiliate your Soul Center

Do you want to register as a local religious society affiliating with the Christian Leaders Alliance?

As a credential member of the Christian Leaders Alliance, you can affiliate as a local Christian religious society with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

As a credentialed member of the Christian Leaders Alliance, what does affiliation as a soul center mean? When you affiliate your soul center, you are creating a location for doing ministry that is recognized. This affiliation benefits you in the following ways:

  1. A local geographic area or web location is recognized for your ministry.
  2. Your registered Soul Center gives you more local credibility for ministry. Often government officials desire to see where you are doing ministry in good standing. You can point someone to your local ministry link.
  3. You have a place for people to link to that explains the type of local ministry you are involved with and the location of that ministry.
  4. You enjoy the benefits of affiliating with the global Christian Leaders Alliance religious society as you serve at your local Soul Center.
  5. You will be invited to exclusive Soul Center events supporting your local ministry.

How does your local ministry affiliate with Soul Centers and the Christian Leaders Alliance?

  1. Complete the Soul Center Registration class in the Christian Leaders Alliance folder at Christian Leaders and cover a one-time set-up administration fee based on your nation’s tier level.
  2. Your local soul center is considered affiliated with the Christian Leaders Alliance. Dual affiliates are accepted. This affiliation may be your only affiliate, or you are welcome to be affiliated with another religious society, such as a denomination.
  3. You minister in agreement with the Christian Leaders Alliance Statement of Faith.
  4. You commit yourself to ministry training and continuing education.
  5. You are a vision partner of the Christian Leaders Alliance of any amount. This supports the ministry of Christian Leaders Alliance and Soul Centers.
  6. Every two years, you must renew your Credential card with one of your recommenders endorsing your continued good standing as a credentialed minister of the Christian Leaders Alliance. You will also get an updated letter of Good Standing.