03 Minister Mobilization Centers (MMC) of Indiana

Strategy and Activities

This MMC of Indiana has a three-part strategy for achieving its goals:

  • Partner with local churches and ministries to provide training and resources to MMC leaders.
  • Offer minister credentialing programs that lead to minister credentials through the CLA.
  • Promote ecuministry licensing and ordination credentials.

The MMC is a regional resource for soul centers that mobilize ministers. It connects and encourages connections, partnerships, and collaborations among Christian leaders in Indiana.

Here are some additional details about the MMC:

  • The MMC is a registered Soul Center of the CLA.
  • The MMC serves the state of Indiana.

The MMC is a ministry of Christian Leaders to create reproducible ministry organizations.

If you are a grassroots Christian leader or ministry seeking to revitalize Christianity locally or in Indiana, the MMC can help you. Contact the MMC today to learn how they can support you in your ministry.

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A&M Life Coaching & Spiritual Counseling

The A&M Life Coaching and Spiritual Counseling of Indianapolis, Indiana, is led by Ordained Minister Danny C. Anderson Sr. PhD (Spiritual Philosophy) and his wife, Monika who is an Educator in the Public School system holding a master’s in education degree (M.Ed.) Danny is a retired public safety officer and Monika a current teacher, continue their full-time work with youth and young adults with over twenty years of experience each totaling forty plus years teaching and mentoring for the success of all mentees.

Ministerial Offerings include:

  • -Prayer
  • -Mentoring
  • -Education
  • -Officiant Services
  • -Marriage Ministry
  • -Conflict Resolution
  • -Spiritual Counseling

Getting to know us

Danny and Monika married in 2008, having three children (three stepchildren) and seven grandchildren (seven step grandchildren) and a host of adopted grandchildren. Danny and Monika adopted their furry dog babies and have tamed wildlife that enters their yard and interact. Danny is a retired Military member also who attended several colleges while on active duty. Danny holds an active Pilots License, and a graduate of Indiana Technical Institute and IMS. Monika is a graduate of Indiana University majoring in education with a special education endorsement and highly enjoys working with children putting over 100% into her work from the heart. Monika has the ability to teach non-English-speaking students to read/write/ and speak English fluently as shown in her success rate ensuring all children are properly equipped for society.

Our Coming to Christ and Calling to Ministry

We walked with God at an early age encouraged by our fathers to serve people, especially those that are at risk guiding them to purposeful life. Danny comes from a Catholic/Baptist background and Monika from a Protestant/ Catholic background. Our beliefs and humbleness have guided them into ministry of the lord word to help with the battle against the Satanic attacks observed on Television, Radio, Video Games, and Society that attempt to mis-guide people.

Our Calling to this Soul Center

We minister to all willing to listen and plant a seed into those that don’t listen or the non-believer by winning the person and not the argument. We are excited and thankful that the Christian Leaders Alliance has educated and equipped us to minister the fellowship soul center. We as volunteer ministers work with our community and schools. We attend the Veterans Memorial Chapel and soon to attend the Catholic Church once again to serve God and the community with the programs offered. Our fellowship Soul Center will be highly successful in collaboration with others.

Who We Serve

While serving at Christian Leaders Ministries, we minister to those that have an open heart and those that have questions and doubt to bring them closer to God and the truth.

Our Ministry

We are always excited to share the word of God and continue the work in Life Coaching and Ministry Counseling giving others the chance to welcome Jesus Christ and the Father into their lives and creating believers that will continue the work. We will have call in prayer, community prayer, and prayer for the sick and dying.

Souls Involved

2-30 for the mentoring and counseling that incorporate prayer. We minister to family members and have conducted marriage counseling. We have distributed bible readings to assist in starting points for comprehension and understanding. The practice will expand into other areas of worship in upcoming months with the grace of God.

Thanks Be to God

Minister Danny C. Anderson, PhD

First Lady, Monika Anderson, M.Ed.