03 Minister Mobilization Centers (MMC) of Indiana

Strategy and Activities

This MMC of Indiana has a three-part strategy for achieving its goals:

  • Partner with local churches and ministries to provide training and resources to MMC leaders.
  • Offer minister credentialing programs that lead to minister credentials through the CLA.
  • Promote ecuministry licensing and ordination credentials.

The MMC is a regional resource for soul centers that mobilize ministers. It connects and encourages connections, partnerships, and collaborations among Christian leaders in Indiana.

Here are some additional details about the MMC:

  • The MMC is a registered Soul Center of the CLA.
  • The MMC serves the state of Indiana.

The MMC is a ministry of Christian Leaders to create reproducible ministry organizations.

If you are a grassroots Christian leader or ministry seeking to revitalize Christianity locally or in Indiana, the MMC can help you. Contact the MMC today to learn how they can support you in your ministry.

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