Faithful Cross Ministries


We are a brother-sister ministry team, James Kirkpatrick and Elizabeth Moses. We were born and raised in Maryland to Christian parents. We are Evangelical Christians that believe the Bible is God’s word. We truly believe that we should love all and help all and that we all have sin.

James Kirkpatrick:

I have always been a Christian, but I never fully understood the meaning of that statement and how powerful of a meaning that actually is until I truly put my full heart into Jesus back in 2017.

I am an Ordained minister and certified life coach from CLA. I am also a certified volunteer Firefighter in Maryland.

My goal is to receive my Associates Degree in Divinity from Christian Leaders College and eventually go for my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. I plan on taking all the classes CLI, CLA, and CLC have to offer. The more I know, the more I can offer and the more I can help. I truly care about helping people and doing God’s work. I also have a dream to teach a class for CLI one day.

I have developed a passion for Christian apologetics, Christian blogging, and Christian philosophy.
I currently have a Christian blog that I share my thoughts.
I am currently working on writing a few Christian books.

Besides my love for The Lord, I enjoy traveling, the beach, camping, my family, friends, and reading anything on history.

Elizabeth Moses:

I grew up in a Christian house, but it wasn’t until recently I realized I wasn’t fully putting my heart into my faith. My brother James Kirkpatrick was the one who inspired me and showed me Christian Leaders Institute. My goal is to earn my diploma from CLI and spread the word. I have a passion for music, art, administrative, helping people, animals, reading, and of course the Lord.

I also enjoy camping, traveling, my family, my friends, my puppy, and holidays.

Our past:

We know how hard this world can be and know how hard it is to deal with mental health issues as we both have battled anxiety, panic disorder, and depression. James also has Psoriatic Arthritis (an autoimmune disease).

We have been through the struggles of having no money, no house, and no food in the past. At one point in life, we were even living in a cheap tent in the woods and trying to catch fish just to have food to survive. But we knew in our heart everything would be okay during all the rough times because we had each other.

We’ve also had some of the greatest adventures together in life from vacations, having our own successful fishing YouTube channel, doing a podcast, we even had a music band together and performed on stage to raise money for charity.

Our Ministry:

We are currently a small house church with Bible studies, but we are working on growing. Our focus is primarily on spreading the gospel and helping people. We believe in loving all and helping all.

  • Officiant Services
  • Becoming A True Christian
  • Bible Study
  • Teaching
  • Online Ministry
  • YouTube and Web Ministries
  • Christian podcast.
  • Addiction issues
  • Praise and Worship
  • Homeless Ministry
  • Food/Clothing for Needy Ministry
  • Mentor Center
  • Conflict service
  • House church
  • Music
  • Fishing Club
  • Yearly Christian retreats.
  • Life coaching
  • Match making
  • Christian way of dating

We also want to have 

  • Christian retreats and events.
  • Start a seasonal Christmas carol group that sings Christmas carols around  neighborhoods, gives Christmas cards, and baked goods.
  • Have a free service where we help people find jobs, build resumes, and work with them on interview skills.
  • Christian event planning for special events such as weddings, birthdays etc.

We also want to teach some classes on our YouTube channel. We are currently working on filming a course called the Christian way which is focused on how to be a better Christian and how to help others as Christians in different ways.

We plan on sharing CLI, CLA, and CLC with everyone.

Upcoming plans:

We want this ministry to focus on preaching the gospel the way Jesus taught us. Some goals we have for this ministry are to make gift boxes, which will include things like food, personal hygiene kits, gifts, clothes, and a card with a personal prayer from us. It will also include information on the Christian Leaders’ Institute in these boxes to help with education and knowledge of the gospel. We also hope to include a paper in this box with local jobs that are currently hiring and locations of public libraries with computers to use to apply for jobs and to have access to the Christian Leaders Institute. We plan on starting this project this November 2023, with most of the money coming from us and also from us raising money by doing fundraisers. We want this ministry to eventually spread throughout the world.

Souls Involved:

We just started this ministry.

5 year plan:

Eventually, we want to do some ministry work overseas and also want to open a non-denominational church.

Also, we want to open a food kitchen, food center and a homeless shelter.

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Kilted Deacon Ministries

Kilted Deacon Ministries is a place where a weary soul can be refreshed by learning the truth about the Infinite Creator God that sacrificed His Son so they could have an intimate personal daily relationship with the humans that He created in His own image, Imago Dei. The same God that sees your struggles and meets you where you are and loves you enough to guide and strengthen you to become what He already knows that you can be.

Ministerial Offerings
-Officiant Services
-Mental Health Coaching
-Life Coaching
-Healing from spiritual abuse
-Bible Study or Pulpit Messages

Our Calling to this Soul Center
My calling is to share the truth and love of Jesus Christ with those that have been placed in my life. That the Son of God came down to Earth and lived a sinless life and died to pay for our sin and brokenness. More importantly, that He resurrected and crushed death and sin so that we, by repenting and trusting in Him, can gain an intimate daily relationship with the Creator of the Universe.

Who We Serve:
My heart breaks for those that the “church” has rejected or feel that God doesn’t love or care about them. God has created all of us in His image and has placed eternity in our hearts- Ecc 3:11. This means that we all have a gaping hole in our soul that only God can fill with His salvation and sanctification
The enemy has blinded most people to the fact that God loves broken people and places His glory in broken vessels to glorify Himself through using them to do mighty things for the Kingdom.

Our ministry is to share the truth and love of God in a real, authentic, and grass roots way to everyone that He places in our path. That means friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, and even strangers.
Practically speaking, our calling is to minister to the souls around us at whatever capacity that God allows and directs us to.

Minister Chad Vargason