Kilted Deacon Ministries

Kilted Deacon Ministries is a place where a weary soul can be refreshed by learning the truth about the Infinite Creator God that sacrificed His Son so they could have an intimate personal daily relationship with the humans that He created in His own image, Imago Dei. The same God that sees your struggles and meets you where you are and loves you enough to guide and strengthen you to become what He already knows that you can be.

Ministerial Offerings
-Officiant Services
-Mental Health Coaching
-Life Coaching
-Healing from spiritual abuse
-Bible Study or Pulpit Messages

Our Calling to this Soul Center
My calling is to share the truth and love of Jesus Christ with those that have been placed in my life. That the Son of God came down to Earth and lived a sinless life and died to pay for our sin and brokenness. More importantly, that He resurrected and crushed death and sin so that we, by repenting and trusting in Him, can gain an intimate daily relationship with the Creator of the Universe.

Who We Serve:
My heart breaks for those that the “church” has rejected or feel that God doesn’t love or care about them. God has created all of us in His image and has placed eternity in our hearts- Ecc 3:11. This means that we all have a gaping hole in our soul that only God can fill with His salvation and sanctification
The enemy has blinded most people to the fact that God loves broken people and places His glory in broken vessels to glorify Himself through using them to do mighty things for the Kingdom.

Our ministry is to share the truth and love of God in a real, authentic, and grass roots way to everyone that He places in our path. That means friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, and even strangers.
Practically speaking, our calling is to minister to the souls around us at whatever capacity that God allows and directs us to.

Minister Chad Vargason