Sound of Salvation Ministries

Saved To Serve Others

My name is Steve West. I am married to my beautiful wife of eight years, Cindy West. Together we take care of my special needs uncle who lives with us. We have two children and four grandchildren (with two more on the way). We live in rural Pamlico County North Carolina just outside of New Bern. I currently work full time as department supervisor at a national home improvement chain. In addition to working full time, I am taking classes at Christian Leaders Institute working towards additional ministry certifications as well as my eventual bachelor’s in divinity.


Called to Service

I did not come to Christ early in my life. Like my parents, I did not become a believer until later in life. I found the Lord while working at support staff at Christian youth retreat at the facility I worked. However, it wasn’t until 2008 when I became a Soldier for the Salvation Army. Life challenges eventually pulled me away from the Salvation Army, I still have a strong relationship with them and uphold their doctrines. I started to lay work throughout my community, visitations, prayer, and sponsoring food drives for Christian based food pantries. This eventually grew into Sound of Salvation Ministries. I found Christian Leaders Institute in early 2022 and begun to take classes which led to my credentials that were earned in October/November.


Called to Grow

After I started taking classes at Christian Leaders Institute, I was moved to formalize Sound of Salvation Ministries into an active ministry for Christ. After speaking with Cindy about the spiritual needs for the long-term facility that she works at. During Covid most of the religious support was not available to visit the facility and eventually faded away. We are currently developing a partnership that will offer on-call chaplaincy services, monthly Bible studies, and visitations.


Called to Serve

I am currently serving the New Bern /Pamlico County area with online prayers/devotions/ Bible studies though out online Facebook Group. I also sponsor through the ministry three food drives throughout the year to support local Christian food pantries. I am beginning a spiritual support program with a local nursing facility that will begin early next year.


Called to Save

Our online membership is currently at 5 and our outreach is currently at 70-100. Our pantry outreach has three partner programs.