Biblical Faith & Reasoning

Getting to Know Me:
I am David Lee Brown. I was raised in Orlando, Florida, and saved and baptized in the First Baptist Church Pine Castle in Orlando, Florida. Since 1979 I have been a born-again believer dedicated to serving my Lord, Jesus Christ. I spent 20 years in the US Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. Before completing my career, I earned a Bachelor of Science from George Washington University in Washington, DC. Since then, I’ve been a lifelong learner of the natural sciences and the Bible through reading and studying the Bible multiple times in self-study. Then I started my studies at Christian Leaders Institute in 2018. I have taught Sunday school to youth and adults. I’ve preached from the pulpit. Now I serve as a soul center for my community.
My Calling:
My calling is writing and teaching about all things Biblical. I completed and published my first book King David, Conflicting Worldviews, in 2013. I finished and published my second book, Transfigured to Serve, a Glimpse of Eternity, in 2014. I initially established my website to advertise my books, but I’ve added features over the years. I write an almost weekly Blog to share what I’ve learned and share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. I’ve also posted sermons, a discipleship program, and my mission and statement of faith. I’ve done all this to open people’s hearts and minds to the saving knowledge and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.
My Soul Center Calling:
Inspired by my new-found credentials from Christian Leaders Alliance, I’m opening my heart, knowledge, experience, and skills to my community as a soul center. My Biblical Faith & Reasoning soul center will serve my church, Proffit’s Grove Baptist Church, and my community through teaching, officiant services, and Life Coach services. In Jesus’ name!
Who I Serve:
I enjoy writing and teaching the Word of God to bring souls to the saving knowledge and grace of our Lord Jesus to the English-speaking world. I also desire to serve my community by providing pre-marital counseling and wedding services for Christian couples. I also want to serve people in my community with Christian Life Coaching services. I intend to specialize in helping pastors, evangelists, and other church leaders through Life Coaching.
Souls Involved:
My “Author” page on Facebook has 308 followers, which is also my Biblical Faith & Reasoning Page. Many of them are not local, but many are, so I will serve any of them that are local and request my services. I’ll also continue to share my writing with the English-speaking world through my Biblical Faith & Reasoning soul center.

Sound of Salvation Ministries

Sound of Salvation Ministries is a growing ministry in the New Bern/ Pamlico County areas. Sound of Salvation Ministries is led by Steven West, a Ordained Minister through the Christian Leaders Alliance.
Ministerial Offerings:
Chaplaincy Services, Chatplaincy Services, Life Coaching Services, Bible Studies, Prayer, Online Prayer, and Devotions, Officiant Services, Food Drives, Facility Visitations
Saved to Serve Others
My name is Steve West. I am married to my beautiful wife of eight years, Cindy West. Together we take care of my special needs uncle who lives with us. We have two children and six grandchildren. We live in rural Pamlico County North Carolina just outside of New Bern. I currently work full time as department supervisor at a national home improvement chain. In addition to working full time, I am taking classes at Christian Leaders College working towards additional ministry certifications as well as my eventual bachelor’s in Christian Leadership.
Called to Service
I did not come to Christ early in my life. Like my parents, I did not become a believer until later in life. I found the Lord while working as support staff at Christian youth retreat at a local YMCA camp.  However, it wasn’t until 2008 when I became a Soldier for the Salvation Army that I became more active. Life challenges eventually pulled me away from the Salvation Army. I then started to do lay work throughout my community, visitations, prayer, and sponsoring food drives for Christian based food pantries. This eventually grew into Sound of Salvation Ministries. I found Christian Leaders Institute in early 2022 and begun to take classes which led to my credentials that led to my ordination.  Also in 2022, life called me back to the Salvation Army and slowly becoming more active.
Called to Grow
After I started taking classes at Christian Leaders Institute, I was moved to formalize Sound of Salvation Ministries into an active ministry for Christ. After speaking with my wife, Cindy, about the spiritual needs of the long-term facility that she works at. During Covid most of the religious support was not available to visit the facility and eventually faded away. We currently have a partnership that will offer on-call chaplaincy services, visitations, and other spiritual needs.
Called to Serve
I am currently serving the New Bern /Pamlico County area with online prayers/devotions/ Bible studies though our online Facebook Group. I also sponsor, through the ministry, three food drives throughout the year to support local Christian food pantries. In addition, I have a spiritual support program with a local nursing facility. Recently, I have begun the process of changing from a private, personal ministry to a non-profit. Sometime in the future, we will be adding a mobile food pantry as well as disaster support services in partnership with other ministries.
Called to Save
Our online ministry has grown to include eleven members. Our outreach program has grown to serve five ministry and secular partners that allow us to serve a growing number of souls each month.
Pastor Steve West