04 Minister Mobilization Centers (MMC) of South Africa

The Minister Mobilization Center (MMC) of South Africa is directly linked to the MMC Global Hub in Michigan.

The MMC of South Africa focus on raising revival through the multiplication and mobilization of Christian leaders. The MMC is a registered Soul Center of the Christian Leaders Alliance. The minister mobilization centers of South Africa is located in Durban, South Africa. This mobilizes ministers in South Africa and supports Minister Mobilization Centers Nationwide.  MMCs are ministries of Christian Leaders to create reproducible ministry organizations.


The MMCs purpose is to serve grassroots Christian leaders and ministries seeking to revitalize Christianity locally and globally. The MMCs do this by identifying, training, and credentialing more Christian leaders to serve in churches, ministries, and other expressions of Christian service.

Strategy and Activities

This MMC of South Africa has a three-part strategy for achieving its goals:

  • Partner with local churches and ministries to provide training and resources to MMC leaders.
  • Offer minister credentialing programs that lead to minister credentials through the CLA.
  • Promote ecuministry licensing and ordination credentials.

The MMC is a regional resource for soul centers that mobilize ministers. It connects and encourages connections, partnerships, and collaborations among Christian leaders in South Africa.

Here are some additional details about the MMC:

  • The MMC is a registered Soul Center of the CLA.
  • The MMC serves the nation of South Africa.

The MMC is a ministry of Christian Leaders to create reproducible ministry organizations.

If you are a grassroots Christian leader or ministry seeking to revitalize Christianity locally in South Africa, the MMC can help you. Contact the MMC today to learn how they can support you in your ministry / Email: rferreira@christianleaders.net

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Other Services Offered by Global Minister Commissioners in South Africa

Pastors Rudi Ferreira and Pooven Reddy serves CLI/CLC/CLA students in South Africa by:

  • Offering mentorship, counseling, coaching, and guidance to students on study paths
  • Assist students who needs advice in starting and, or planting a new church/ministry
  • Provides information regarding South African laws on religious organisations
  • Guidance of NPO-registrations and Marriage Officer Registrations in South Africa

Who we are:


Both Pastors Rudi and Pooven serves Christian Leaders Students in South Africa by hosting regional Fellowship Events (currently in Gauteng, Cape Town, and Durban; with future plans for other regions as well); and local Zoom fellowship meetings with CL-Students in South Africa. Their vision for CL-South Africa is to bring students together in fellowship events where relationships are formed, networking together with like-minded students, and growing CL in South Africa through an expanding and supportive vision. They are also pursuing options for local registration, recognition, and accreditation of Christian Leaders in South Africa.

Christian Leaders Network South Africa

Contact Details:

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We serve as a Mentor Center for Leadership Development and tutoring in Mathematical; and other school subjects. We are also providing a platform for students to enroll in Christian Leaders Institute. Lastly, we also focus on addiction issues like Alcohol Abuse and Anger Management

  • MENTORSHIP: The Soul Center will work as an internet café and information center targeting youth or any interested adult. We will provide free internet access to prospective students studying with Christian Leaders Institute with 3 hours a day access. We also provide a study room for those studying; and provide Greek and Hebrew lexicons to study from. Also in terms of education, we will provide tutoring and homework support to community at no cost (Donations based).
  • MINISTRY-BIZ: T-shirt printing, coffee printing and photography for matric balls, proms and weddings.
  • MATCHMAKING MINISTRY: Provide a matchmaking ministry with the intention that two people find each other to get married. Then focusing on Pre-Marital Counseling and wedding coordination; and finally ordinating weddings. We also offer services in Photography & Events.

Christ Alive Ministries

Gauta Mogomane is widowed to Nomusa Mogomane , we got married on the 6th September 1997; and God blessed us with two children and one grand child. We started Jubilee Worship Center on the 5th July 1998, which formally registered in 2014 as Jesus Christ Alive Ministries. Together we were ordained in 1998 and planted a church. In 2020, we took a break from ministry due to challenges our family was going through. The vision of Christ Alive Ministries now resumes in 2023 as a House Church supported by my children, where I will be pursuing the vision God gave me. I am student of Christian Leaders Institute with a Diploma in Ministry and Ordained Minister by Christian Leaders Alliance.

Salvation and Calling to Ministry:
Nomusa and I received Jesus Christ in the 1990 while at high school. We met in 1991 as young people in the church and have been walking with God. Our marriage is built on Joshua 24:15(b) – “As for me and my household we will serve the Lord.”

We fostered the ministry of love, blessed many couples through wedding officiants, supported families in bereavement and individuals going through different challenges.

We supported several young people through education and finances to have a better future.

During the break in Ministry, I submitted to Heartfelt Family Church, where I was appointed to pastor for a short period of time.

Calling to this Soul Center

Inspired by Christian Leaders Alliance and Institute, I am empowered through learning to minister and pray for widows and widowers as well as married couples, to establish the house church and equipped Christians to spread the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I invite people for prayer and intercession as well as fellowship online and in person at home. My home is opened daily for anyone who needs to assisted through prayer.

Christ Alive Ministries, Danville, Pretoria Soul Center is instrumental to helping souls to work with God daily.

My Ministry:
Gauta Mogomane is a Christian Leaders Institute student with over 25 years ministry experience. He has received several Awards, Marriage Ministry Award, Peace Ministry Award; Pastoral Care Award, Prayer Ministry Award, Christian Ministry Award as well as Ordained Officiant Minister Specialization, Prayer Minister Specialization, and Marriage Ministry Specialization. Sex Education and Conversations, House Church Award , Church Planting Award.
Gauta is Ordained Minister by Christian Leaders Alliance in addition is the Licensed Ministry Chaplain, Licensed Wedding Officiant.

Souls Center Goal
I minister daily through prayer to family needs and individuals. I will be offering House Church Services and bible study groups. I invite people via online platforms to join our services and ministry.
The goal is for the House church to grow and build other house churches as leaders multiply, currently as I start on the 3rd September 2023, it will be my family and those I have invited; and continue to invite.

Divine Designations Ministry

These living souls are made to be connected to God. They belong to God. The human soul fell into sin, as we read about in Genesis 3. The result of this fall into sin was spiritual and physical death.The only hope for fallen souls is Jesus Christ. His death and resurrection have reconnected humans to God and defeated death (John 3:16). Humans are reconnected to God in a walk that continues transforming and saving their souls.Our souls have a living relationship with the Divine. What was separated at the fall of humanity has been restored! In Jesus Christ, we have been reconciled to God through faith. The deposit of faith and new life has genuinely saved our souls! The Holy Spirit continues the work of reconciliation and renewal.
1) Connecting the soul to God through reading God’s Word and
praying repeatedly. We call this walking with God.
2) Sharing a walk with God with others.
3) Practicing the sacraments through the Soul Center.
4) Being a connection point for local ministry in the community.

Ministry Platforms:

FaceBookYouTube | LinkedIn | Instagram | TikTok | SoundCloud | Tumblr | Pinterest

Gospel Addicts Global Church

Gospel Addicts Global Church was established in 2014, founded on Psalms 67:2 (TLB): “Send us around the world with the news of Your saving power, and Your eternal plan for all mankind”, by Ordained Commissioned Minister, Pastor Rudi Ferreira. Although based in South Africa, this Church Soul Center reaches 180+ countries.

With a global reach, Rudi recognized the need to seek a credential program. This led him to Christian Leaders, where he has obtained 16+ ordinations, such as: Ordained Commissioned Minister, Commended Kingdom Minister, Commended Evangelist Minister, Commended Peacemaker Minister, and Ordained Life Coach Minister. He also obtained a Diploma in Christian Ministry; and currently pursuing an Associate Christian Leadership Degree. In total he has completed 72 Credit Hours with a 3.757 GPA with Honors (Cum Laude); and completed a total of 43 awards.

The vision of Gospel Addicts is to reach mankind with a sound understanding on the importance of cultivating a healthy walk with God. A large part of the Virtual Church’s purpose is to make available free teaching content to equip ministers with sound Biblical teachings which they can use to teach and equip their members, ‘multiplying ourselves in others’. While the content of the Virtual Church has a focus on ministers, the content shared is beneficial to every Christian; and/or, folks interested in Christianity.

With thousands of  connections globally through the Virtual Church; folks are either asking permission if they can use the material to teach their congregation, seeking mentorship, is in need of Christian counseling and prayer, or simply seeking ministry advice that will help them grow their church or ministry. The Virtual Church has 761 followers, with an additional 1’553 members connected to the church’s FaceBook Page, with a total of 70’000+ connections around the world. Rudi recently started a YouTube Channel where he shares educational ministry videos on course materials he has published on the Virtual Church.

Rudi also do ministry work with his wife, Tania, within their local and surrounding community through street evangelism, which also largely consist of a healing and deliverance ministry to many. In addition of providing their community with Christian Services, they also counsel couples, families, and individuals. Many people recognizes his spiritual gifts and the love he has for people. Form time-to-time, ministers of various churches invites him as a guest speaker. Since 2014, he has planted several churches in helping raising up ministers who will lead these churches. He worked with several ministers and ministries, both local and international ministries established in his local area, assisting ministers in developing church structure, church culture, and leadership training. Most recently, Rudi has joined a prophetic ministry in his local area where he teaches the Word of God.

Rudi’s current focus is to further develop the Virtual Church, producing several more teaching manuals that can be used by ministers for effective ministry. In further developing the Virtual Church, he has set time aside to restructure the Virtual platform to be more user friendly. Although this new development requires a lot of time, he still continues his ministry work, while also growing the awareness of Christian Leaders Institute in South Africa as part of the CLA-SA Volunteer Team

Rudi works remotely for Christian Leaders in the running operations of the Christian Leaders Network. as Host. He is also a member of the CLA – Global Ministers Commission, an Administrator at Soul Centers, and a Peace Ambassador with PeaceFire. Many of his friends and neighbors says that he lives the Gospel, because he works full time, he runs and funds the Virtual Church; and in his spare time he still focuses on ministry such as evangelism, counseling, and mentoring; focusing on presenting salvation to whosoever hears.

Rudi also oversee the Ministers Mobilization Centers of South Africa (MMC’s SA)

Ministry Links: Virtual ChurchYouTube ChannelFaceBook Page

Contact Details:

Affiliated with PeaceFire Soul Center

Heal Side Church Soul Center

In Heal Side Church we like people to know about the Lord and we are hospitable people of God and it will be a blessing for us to serve you.

Services we offer at Heal Side Church:

  • Prayer and worship
  • Community Bible study
  • Pre-marriage counseling
  • Pre-divorce counseling
  • Family affairs counseling
  • Kingdom ministry(outreach)
  • Prayer camp meetings
  • Youth ministry

Manumission Ministries

Manumission Ministries focus on:
· Men’s Ministries
· Prison Ministries
· Bible Study Groups
· Drug Abuse Ministries
· Outreach programs for the needy

I am a volunteer minister, actively involved in prison ministries. I recently started a program called Adopt a Prisoner, which involves our local community and churches to reach out to prisoners and share the love of God. My involvement in men’s ministry, also known as Men’s Breakfast, and Bible study groups, through the love and guidance of God, strengthen the spiritual lives of so many men and their families.

Email Adrian Roberts at digidolsa@gmail.com