02 Minister Mobilization Centers (MMC) of Florida

Strategy and Activities

This MMC of Florida has a three-part strategy for achieving its goals:

  • Partner with local churches and ministries to provide training and resources to MMC leaders.
  • Offer minister credentialing programs that lead to minister credentials through the CLA.
  • Promote ecuministry licensing and ordination credentials.

The MMC is a regional resource for soul centers that mobilize ministers. It connects and encourages connections, partnerships, and collaborations among Christian leaders in Florida.

Here are some additional details about the MMC:

  • The MMC is a registered Soul Center of the CLA.
  • The MMC serves the state of Florida.

The MMC is a ministry of Christian Leaders to create reproducible ministry organizations.

If you are a grassroots Christian leader or ministry seeking to revitalize Christianity locally or in Florida, the MMC can help you. Contact the MMC today to learn how they can support you in your ministry.

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Alpha Omega Soul Center

Alpha Omega Soul Center is run by credentialed Restored Life Minister and Ordained Minister Anastasios P Handrinos.

Ministerial offerings:

  • Visitation Ministry: Meeting the spiritual needs of those in nursing homes and in the hospitals.
  • Preaching and Teaching: Ministering the word and holding Bible studies
  • Community Outreaches: ministering to those out in the communities through events.
  • School Board Ministry: Standing up for parents and children’s rights.

I am currently single with no children, but I do have a dog named Chester. Chester has been with me for about seven years and he is currently 11 years old. Time has flown by quickly. The church that I currently attend is New Beginnings Baptist Church. The church is currently small with the potential for growth.

Currently, I have been in the ministry setting for about a year and am ready to move forward in the ministry setting. I spent about two years at Christian Leaders Institute studying and preparing for the ministry setting. I have earned my credentials, Christian Leaders Certificate, Christian Ministry Diploma, Diploma of Ministry, Diploma of Divinity, and a few awards. Lastly, I believe my quality education has prepared me for the ministry setting, and I am moving forward.

I am currently connected with a few pastors in the area by attending weekly pastors meeting and events through Somebody Cares of Tampa Bay and Somebody Cares of Pasco. Because of this, I have also met City of Port Richey Police Chief and the Mayor of Port Richey.

While attending my church, I have attended a missionary conference, and I have started supporting a missionary who has been called to serve in the Philippines. I have a heart for missions and do see the need for it.
Currently, I minister through prayer, and holding Bible Study at the nursing home that I serve at.

Reel Life Vibe Ministries


Our name says it all. Welcome to Reel (online) Life (in-person) Vibe Ministries of Citrus County, Florida. We are dedicated to helping our Citrus County residents, who are falling by the wayside, due to the harsh realities of the human condition.

Since the covid pandemic which began in 2020, there’s been a lot of changes to how everyone does things. More and more people went online, due to the inability to physically be with family and friends. So, we all had to make the changes necessary to help others.

One of the changes are reels. Reels are 90 second videos (shorts)that give others a glimpse into who you are, and what you do. These became the norm due to covid restrictions, so they became very popular. Once we were able to go about our regular lives again, people just continued to make reels for fun or just to continue to show people who they were. Our ministry makes them for those same reasons. We want you to know us better by watching our reels, so you can see first-hand just what it is that we do, when out in public. But we’re not just online.

When covid restrictions eased up, people were once again free to roam around in public. This makes us happy, because we need to be around others so we can share God’s Love with you, and help you in your fight to survive! That is our mission, that is our reason for being here. That is our ministries vibe, to help others today.

In order for us to help you, we have made connections with other outlets, online and in person, so that you get to know each one of us through our different ministries and also other nonprofits as well.

You’re important to each and every one of us here at Reel Life Vibe Ministries!

What We Do & Who We Help

So, what do we do, and who all do we help? This ministry helps anyone who is in need of our services. Everyone deserves to be treated with love and respect. God loves you and He does not discriminate, so we won’t either.

Our ministry serves its purpose by providing tangible and intangible items to our Citrus County communities. Just to name a few of these items; clothing, food, and hygiene products. Our donation room is full, and we are always taking in more donations to hand back out to the public, free of charge.

We have a variety of services that we offer to you. So, in order for us to serve you best, we have separated all of our services into different categories. You are welcome to browse each category, and choose any and all options that you need.

We have several of our team members ready to hear from you. Just find the category you need, and the person you need, and send them a message, email, text, or phone call, depending on that person’s preference for contact. Their information will be available as you go through this site.

Once they have your information, they will know better how to help you. Please only give one point of contact per person per category, so that it gives everyone a chance to work on your particular situation, as we all have many things going on in our daily lives. This just makes sure that everyone gets heard, thank you.

After you have made contact, please allow up to 5 business days for someone to contact you back. If after that time you have not heard from someone, you may contact us directly on our social media sites, by sending a private message to Milli directly. But please be patient, everyone is important to us, and we are doing our best to help you with all of your needs.


To Contact Us By Phone:

Phone: (352) 573-4725

To Drop Off Donations:

4244 East Alabama Lane Hernando, FL 34442

Our Social Media Links

To reach us via Any of Our Social Media Sites:

Email: reellifevibeministries@gmail.com



Meet Our Team Members

Jenny Reid (Childrens/Women’s Mentoring-Soul Center):

Jenny is a leader in her community, who strives to help support & mentor women & youth, who are stuck in the cycle of active addiction. She knows a lot about this subject, and can help guide them each into sobriety by teaching them about God, and His Love for them. Jenny also loves to be there for the children who are stuck in this awful lifestyle due to their parents, so that they can become better citizens in the future.

In her work life, Jenny is a Shift Leader for Lee’s Chicken. At church, Jenny is the Children’s Church Leader. Both requires her to be a strong individual and eager to help others, as well as how to mentor them and pray for them. These tasks are never easy and you have to be pretty resilient to do these jobs. Jenny takes her role as a leader very seriously, and she never squanders the chance to help others. It is always a privilege to see Jenny succeed in every way possible. She puts her heart and soul into her work, and into her life.

Jenny has a wonderful Testimony (see below), and you can go onto our Youtube Channel to watch her share some personal struggles that she faced, and came out on top, by turning over that lifestyle to God and allowing Him to reign Supreme in her everyday life.

She also makes sure to post uplifting things on her personal Facebook page, and our Ministry group page. It is refreshing to see someone so full of life and energy. It motivates others to be just as inspiring as Jenny has been. Jenny is a wonderful person to have on our team.

In her downtime, Jenny enjoys kayaking, jogging, biking, and planting vegetable gardens. She also loves to travel, and spending time with her family & friends.

Ladies, if you would like to contact Jenny for her advice, or for some personal mentoring, please reach out to her via text (preferred) or email.

Phone (Text): (352) 464-4165

Email: jennifer.lauren0227@gmail.com

Or, you can reach Jenny through our ministry:

Jenny’s Favorite Bible Verse Is:

2 Corinthians 12:10 (For when I am weak, then I am strong) (Bible Hub) + 2 Corinthians 12: 9-10 / Matthew 7: 7-8


Milli Dehn (Resource & Social Media Info Soul Centers):

Milli is a leader in her community, who enjoys helping others by giving sound advice, resourcing information, and mentoring those who face many trials. Each of these requires a lot of time & effort, and a willingness to devote her day to others. It may be time consuming, but it is worth it when someone walks away in a better place mentally & physically. Milli has converted an old restroom in her home into a donation room for all the wonderful things given by so many donors, and she spends a lot of her time putting together all the many things needed to pass back out to the public.

She does not work outside the home, as she is disabled, so her day is filled with ministry work, school, and helping others to succeed. Milli is also the founder of Reel Life Vibe Ministries, and longs to see her vision come to life for this ministry. That vision is a nonprofit organization, and one day, to have a fully functioning rehab center for anyone in need of any services we will provide.

Milli is a PK (Preacher’s Kid), and she is the youngest daughter of the Pastor/Founder of House of Power Church in Hernando, Florida, which was founded in 1986 in Beverly Hills, Florida. Through this church, she has held many positions. From working in the nursery, to being the sound director, and everything in between. She was even the janitor of the church for several years.

In 2021, she was asked to be on the board of directors of BASICS United, a nonprofit organization that works mostly with the homeless in our Citrus County. She has also worked within other nonprofits, and has learned a great deal about how to run a successful nonprofit organization.

In her downtime, she lives in Hernando, Florida with her cat Mixi Magoo. She enjoys watching documentaries, listening to music, playing games on her tablet, being on social media, and hosting clean karaoke parties in her home, with her best friends Brian and Casey Leavitt and their kids.

If you wish to reach out to Milli for info on county resources, or for anything else, you can reach her by way of email or her personal Facebook Messenger:

Email(s): millidehn@gmail.com or reellifevibeministries@gmail.com

Or, you can reach Milli through our ministry:

Milli’s Favorite Bible Verse Is:

John 10:10 (To Live more abundantly in Christ, is always a good thing) (Bible Hub)


Casey Leavitt (Donations-Homeless/Houses-Soul Center):

Casey has always been a leader in her community, in many different ways. She not only manages all of the donations we have in our donation room, but she manages a home of 7 people as well. That is a hard job for anybody, but she does it every single day, and it’s one reason why she has such awesome organizational skills.

All of our donations that we receive are because Casey goes out there and reaches out to the people who do the donating. She’s very personable and puts herself out there for others, and that makes them want to give more. Her take-charge personality also helps us in many ways, to get the job done and done right!

Casey also has a way of knowing what people need before they need it, and she can fulfill that need very quickly. She is the perfect person to be in charge of our donations. Whether taking them in or giving them out, Casey is on the ball. She’s also so full of energy and determination, and she has a “let’s get it done” spirit. We are lucky to have her on our team.

Casey was a Walmart Shoe Department Manager many years ago, but she decided that her home and 3 children, all who were homeschooled from day one, needed her there more than any job ever would. She left the customer service industry to care for her home, her children, her mother-in-law Pauline, and brother-in-law Mark.

Casey now has her own home-based business, through eBay, and she also sells Kangen Water Machines to those who want to make a healthy change in their lives. She devotes her time to everyone who needs her, with a loving heart and an open mind. And she still finds time to help run our ministry!

Casey enjoys her free time by studying her Bible, going to the YMCA and being on her swim team, competing in swimming competitions, and watching her favorite tv shows.

If you have anything you wish to donate, or if you are in need of something that was donated, please reach out to Casey via email or text.

Email: casey9909@yahoo.com

Text: (352) 634-5060

Or, you can reach Casey through our ministry:

Casey’s Favorite Bible verse Is:

1 Corinthians 13:8 (Love never fails) (Bible Hub)


Pastor Chuck Tyler (Mens Mentoring-Soul Center):

Pastor Chuck is a leader in his community, who loves God without ceasing. He’s a Pastor with a passion to help souls in times of trouble. We are very happy to have him join our team! God truly sent us a man after His Own Heart, and we appreciate the experience he brings to our table.

Pastor Chuck is ready to mentor those men who are struggling in their faith and in their walk with God. His desire to tackle important issues, such as men in active addiction, means a great deal to our ministry. And he is able to minister to the single men, the family man, and the men searching for the Proverbs 31 wife.

He is willing to give sound advice to the husband as head of household, and teach them the ways of the Lord, and to help them improve their ties to their family, and the church. Pastor Chuck wants to show men how to love their family as God loves them. All you have to do is ask for prayer & support.

But that is not all that Pastor Chuck does. He has his hat in many rings, and one of them is his own nonprofit organization that is for veterans, active-duty members, and military dependents. He is the CEO of Veterans Intellectual Property.

Who they are and what they do:

“We are a 501©(3) charity that provides pro bono patenting services to veterans, active-duty members, and military dependents. We also provide legal advice on other forms of intellectual property, including copyrights and trademarks.

This work is important because it helps level the playing field for veterans and active-duty members who have great ideas but may not have the resources to protect them. We are proud to be able to offer our services at no cost to those who have served, or are serving our country.”

Pastor Chuck also teaches outdoor survival skills to bring people closer to God. He hosts weekend outdoor skill retreats, and he is in the Orlando, Florida area. He raises money for his ministry through helping congregations save money on their bills, improve their credit, and increase their wealth, a la Malachi 3:10.

Pastor Chuck has many ventures, but he also enjoys his free time as well. Just some of those things include camping, hiking, kayaking, and doing astrophotography.

If you would like to contact him for mentoring within our ministry, or through one of his own, please contact him via email or text.

Email: chucktyler02@gmail.com

Text: (386) 742-9875

Or, you can reach Pastor Chuck through our ministry:

Pastor Chuck’s Favorite Bible Verse Is:

Song of Solomon 8:6 (It is a love that burns like a blazing fire, like a mighty flame. This is a picture of the love that Christ has for us) (Bible Hub)


“T” Banks (Reel To Reel Newsletter & Mission Stmt):

T has been a leader all of her life. She was the first in our family to go to college. While she was in college, she was at the same time, teaching college courses. While living in Louisville, Kentucky, she was a boss in the business world, and today, she is a leader in her town of Clearwater, Florida.

Right now, T works in the office of her church, Chapel By The Sea, and she has a heart to serve others. That is something you need to have, to work in outreach ministry, and she shows that community spirit in everything she does.

T has taken on the task of writing our mission statement, and this is what she has written. “Reel Life Vibe Ministries’ plan is to be an outreach ministry for those in need. We are here for one mission. To bring light, hope, and help to souls in the community, especially the forgotten and/or homeless.”

T also works in our ministry doing anything she can to help us achieve our future goals. She is always thinking ahead, and planning for our success in the future. One idea she has is to begin a newsletter for others to know what is happening within the ministry. She has chosen the name Reel To Reel, and we cannot wait to see what she does with this venture.

In her down time, T enjoys all things beach. She loves to lounge on the sand and get herself a nice tan. She also enjoys going to events and supporting local artists and musicians. T has one cat, her name is Goldie Girl, and she is such a sweet kitty.

She also loves spending time with her husband Roy, and they both enjoy the sights and sounds of Clearwater, and all things big city. T is also Milli’s sister, and together with everyone on our team, we want to bring Reel Life Vibe Ministries to life, for not only Citrus County, but for all of Florida.

T’s favorite Quote:

“I fairly sizzle with zeal & enthusiasm and spring forth with a mighty faith to do that which is to be done by me. “

~~Charles Fillmore~~



Brian Leavitt:

Brian works in Citrus County as a CNA. He has a lot of experience in home health care and nursing homes. Brian and his wife Casey also provide a home for his mother and brother, as they both suffer from mental health disorders. His passion for helping others is so unusual to witness in a man, and his heart just takes over when he sees others in need.

Brian works in our ministry as a much needed volunteer, doing a lot of the heavy work. He helps his wife Casey with all the donations, and he is also a wonderful Prayer Warrior.

When Brian is not at work, he enjoys his free time by playing the drums, and going out to eat with family and friends, and helping/hosting clean family fun karaoke parties, and going to concerts with his oldest son Jake.


Anne Sweet:

Anne works as a delivery driver for Jimmie Johns. She is Milli’s niece and she is a Warrior for those who have fought many battles, mentally and/or physically. When Anne is not at work, she is behind the scenes helping us with her support and her encouragement and her love. Anne has worked putting Easter containers together for the homeless. She has gone to the beach with us to feed the homeless. And she has used her own vehicle and gas to drive places that we needed to go. Anne has blessed us with her tenacious spirit, and her very giving attitude for others. We are very lucky to have her in our corner.


Mark Leavitt:

Mark is Brian’s brother, and Casey’s brother-in-law. Mark does a lot to help with the donations we receive, and he also goes to the beach with us on Saturdays to help feed the homeless. When he is at the beach, he does all the heavy lifting of the donations, and he also enjoys spending time with the homeless, having conversations with them, and just enjoying the fresh air. Mark also does the heavy lifting at home when donations come in, and he works very hard to help out his family. We appreciate Mark so much! Mark is not online, but he is still an important part of our ministry.

Nonprofit Organization/Church-Ministries In Our Corner:


To further your Christian Education, please reach out to Christian Leaders Institute, Christian Leaders Alliance, Christian Leaders College, or our Soul Center Webpages – Click Here


What Is Our Present Goals & Our Future Goals

  • Our present goal is to provide to the community the things needed, through donations of food, clothing & hygiene products.
  • Our near-future goal is to open a Mentor Center, to help mentor anyone in need. And we are also planning to open up a House Church to hold Bible study meetings, for street Preaching within our group/community, and for ministering the Gospel to others.
  • Our future goal is to open a Rehab Center, for those who need to have extra help with addiction, mental illness, physical & mental abuse, and human trafficking, among other things.
  • Our final goal is to become a thriving Nonprofit in Citrus County, and in other counties across Florida, and in other states if that so happens to be the case.

Victorious Life Fellowship of Clearwater, Florida

Getting to Know Us

We are Henry and Pam Reyenga, married since 1983. We have five children and sixteen grandchildren. Both of us are graduates of Dordt College. Henry was a graduate of Calvin Seminary in 1987. Henry was ordained in the Christian Reformed Church in 1988 and with the Christian Leaders Alliance since 2014. Together we planted four churches and pastored one existing church. In 2001, the vision of Christian Leaders was born, and we founded this ministry, formally recognized as a religious non-profit in 2005. In 2012, we left employment as a church minister and now minister as a fellowship soul center minister in a bi-vocational voluntary calling.

Our Coming to Christ and Calling to Ministry:

We have walked with God since our early youth. Since first courting in the early 1980s, we discerned God calling us to ministry.

Our marriage passage was:

Luke 6:37-38  Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven. Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

After our marriage, we grew through the mentorship of many notable pastors and teachers. In our first year of marriage, one of those teachers, Rhea Zandee, introduced Pam to the Victorious Life in Christ. This daily abiding Life in Christ was foundational to set us on a path of daily abiding and victory in Christ as a called couple in ministry. This perspective grounded us through life’s journey and fueled ongoing growth into maturity as Christians over sin and Satanic attack.

We then enjoyed decades of influential mentors who spoke into our lives to foster more growth and ministry! Praise God!

Our Calling to this Soul Center

Inspired by a victorious life connection in Jesus Christ, we minister to those in our lives as time permits. We are grateful that the Christian Leaders Alliance has called and equipped us to minister at this fellowship soul center.

So as volunteer ministers, we minister to our community. We are also members of Harborside Christian Church, and we invite people to attend Harborside Christian Church.

Together, we are interested in helping people walk in a victorious life in Jesus Christ. We believe that the souls of men and women are hungry for a spiritual connection with God, and that relationship is found in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Who We Serve:

While we are busy serving at Christian Leaders Ministries, we love to minister to those God brings into our lives in our condo village, golf course connections, and through serendipitous meetings.

Often, we are called to minister to those connected to the Christian Leaders Ministries.

Our Ministry:

We enjoy raising ministers! Henry is a ministry training professor at Christian Leaders College and Institute in many areas of ministry, including People Smart for Ministry, Pastoral Care and Marriage, Church, and Ministry. He has also taught in many mini-courses. We have taught mini-courses together. Recently, we completed a four-credit college course called “Sex Education and Conversations.”

We share a passion for sharing the faith with those who do not know Jesus Christ or are exploring the Christian faith. Henry enjoys ministering to individuals and families he meets at his golf clubs.

Souls Involved: 25-50

We minister through prayer, Bible study leadership, mentoring, and hospitality. We minister to family members. Further, we have invited many families to Harborside Christian Church, and many have started coming. We have done marriage counseling and post-divorce counseling. Henry has counseled men in accountability ways. Henry also is one of the Bible study leaders at a local Bible study.